Voyage Marine Group
A Professional Supplier and Service provider for all Electrical & Instrumentation, Automation, Safety, Calibration, Navigation & Communication requirements for Marine, Oil & Gas and other Industrial Fields.

HSE Policy

The company is committed to all operations in the safest, healthiest and most environmentally responsible manner.
This objective is achieved by:

  • Complying with all applicable health, safety and environmental regulations of the local Government /Customers.
  • Developing necessary HSE objectives & targets and measuring the performance at regular intervals.
  • Providing proper education and training to all concerned.
  • Avoiding any operations causing damage to the environment or machinery.
  • Using necessary PPE on the work site, as warranted.
  • Obtaining all requisite permits and proper isolation of the system prior to starting a job.
  • Disposal of wastes in the designated areas.
  • Displaying necessary warning signs at work site and strictly following them.
  • Properly communicating with all work groups to avoid conflict in work activities.
  • Promptly reporting any incidents/ accidents to the concerned authorities.
  • Responding to control any incident or unsafe act and take measures to prevent re-occurrence.

  • The company is devoted to prevent physical violence, theft, misconduct and drug/alcohol abuse, thus prompting a healthy and safe lifestyle to all its employees at work as well as away from it.