Turn Key Projects

We have extensive experience in handling turnkey projects, and we work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and requirements. We provide a full range of services including project management and engineering, procurement and supply chain management, inspection and testing, maintenance and repair, and construction and installation.

We ensure that all of our solutions and services comply with industry standards and regulations, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that their projects are completed on time and within budget. Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and support to our clients.

Vessel Digitalization System

Vessel digitalization systems revolutionize the maritime industry by leveraging advanced technologies to enhance efficiency, safety, and operational performance of vessels. These systems integrate various digital technologies, such as sensors, connectivity, data analytics, and automation, to collect and analyze real-time data from different onboard systems. By digitizing key processes and systems, vessel digitalization systems enable better decision-making, predictive maintenance, optimized fuel consumption, improved navigation, and enhanced overall operational efficiency for ship owners and operators.

Engine Maneuvering system

ngine maneuvering systems play a crucial role in controlling and operating the propulsion systems of ships and vessels. These systems are responsible for managing the speed, direction, and maneuverability of the engines, allowing precise control during various navigational tasks. Engine maneuvering systems often incorporate advanced technologies such as electronic controls, integrated displays, and automation, enabling efficient and responsive engine operations while enhancing safety and optimizing fuel consumption.

Steering gear system

The steering gear system is a vital component of ships and vessels, responsible for controlling the direction and maneuverability of the vessel. It allows the captain or helmsman to change the course of the ship by adjusting the rudder angle. The steering gear system typically consists of hydraulic or electric mechanisms that convert the input from the steering control into the necessary movement of the rudder, ensuring precise and responsive steering control for safe and efficient navigation.

Thruster control

Thruster control systems are integral to the maneuverability and positioning of ships and offshore platforms. These systems allow for the precise control of thrusters, which are propeller-like devices mounted on the sides or bow of a vessel. By independently controlling the thrust and direction of thrusters, the thruster control system enables enhanced maneuvering capabilities, including dynamic positioning, lateral movement, and improved station-keeping in challenging environments such as strong currents or tight spaces. The integration of advanced technologies and automation in thruster control systems contributes to increased safety, operational efficiency, and overall vessel performance.

Power Management system

The power management system (PMS) is a critical component in ships, offshore platforms, and power distribution systems. It regulates and optimizes the flow of electrical power to ensure efficient and reliable operation. PMS monitors and controls various aspects such as power generation, distribution, load balancing, and backup power sources, allowing for seamless operation, energy efficiency, and the ability to respond to changing power demands. By intelligently managing and prioritizing power sources and loads, the power management system contributes to enhanced safety, reduced energy consumption, and improved overall system performance.

IAMC System

An Integrated Alarm Monitoring and Control System (IAMCS) is a comprehensive solution used in various industries to monitor and control critical alarms and processes. It combines advanced technologies such as sensors, actuators, and centralized control systems to provide real-time monitoring, analysis, and response to alarms. IAMCS enables operators to have a centralized view of alarm conditions, allowing for quick identification of issues, prompt decision-making, and effective control of systems to prevent or mitigate potential hazards or disruptions.

DP system

Voyage Marine Group excels in the seamless integration of dynamic positioning systems, empowering vessels with advanced control and operational capabilities. By combining cutting-edge technologies, rigorous engineering, and industry expertise, we deliver tailored solutions that enhance vessel stability, optimize performance, and ensure safety at sea. Our integrated dynamic positioning systems provide precise positioning, real-time data integration, and adaptive control algorithms, empowering maritime operators to navigate challenging environments with utmost precision and confidence.

Tank level gauging system

Voyage Marine Group plays a pivotal role in the implementation of advanced tank level gauging systems for the maritime industry. Leveraging our expertise and technological prowess, we integrate state-of-the-art tank level gauging technologies to provide accurate and reliable measurement solutions. Our comprehensive approach ensures seamless integration, calibration, and ongoing support, allowing vessel operators to efficiently monitor and manage fuel and liquid levels, optimize cargo handling, and maintain regulatory compliance.

Emission Control

Voyage Marine Group assumes a crucial role in the deployment of emission control systems within the maritime sector. With our extensive knowledge in vessel automation and environmental solutions, Voyage Marine Group integrates cutting-edge technologies for emissions control, promoting a greener and more sustainable maritime industry. Through our comprehensive approach, we assist ship operators in achieving regulatory compliance, improving fuel efficiency, and mitigating the environmental footprint of their operations.


Voyage Marine Group plays a vital role in integrating and deploying scrubber systems for ships. Utilizing our expertise and deep understanding of the industry, we incorporate state-of-the-art scrubber technologies to reduce emissions and meet stringent environmental standards. Through our comprehensive approach and seamless integration, we assist vessel operators in achieving cleaner emissions and environmental sustainability while optimizing their operational efficiency.

Ballast water management

Voyage Marine Group takes pride in its successful implementation of numerous ballast water treatment system projects within the maritime sector. By skillfully integrating advanced technologies, we have facilitated effective and environmentally conscious treatment of ballast water. Through our wide range of projects, we have consistently supported vessel operators in meeting regulatory standards, preserving marine ecosystems, and promoting sustainable practices in ballast water management.

VRC system (VRCS)

We deliver advanced solutions that enable remote monitoring and control of valves on ships. Our VRCS solutions enhance operational efficiency, safety, and maintenance procedures by enabling centralized control and ensuring precise and reliable valve operations. With our VRCS, vessel operators can streamline valve management, minimize manual intervention, and optimize overall system performance.


Voyage Marine Group is a trusted provider of Marine Growth Prevention Systems (MGPS). We offer comprehensive MGPS solutions that effectively control and prevent marine fouling on vessel surfaces. Through the implementation of advanced technologies and proven methodologies, we ensure the long-term protection and optimal performance of vessels. With our MGPS solutions, ship operators can confidently navigate waters while minimizing the risks and complications associated with marine growth.

Hull Monitoring

Voyage Marine Group specializes in hull monitoring solutions for the maritime industry. We provide comprehensive systems that enable real-time monitoring of hull stress levels. By leveraging sensors, data analysis, and structural integrity assessment techniques, our hull stress monitoring solutions help vessel operators proactively detect and manage stress factors, ensuring the safety and structural integrity of the hull, and minimizing the risk of fatigue-related failures.

Fuel Monitoring

Fuel monitoring systems are a key area of expertise for Voyage Marine Group in the maritime industry. We provides customized solutions for precise and efficient monitoring of fuel on vessels. Our comprehensive systems incorporate advanced sensors, real-time data analysis, and monitoring capabilities to accurately track fuel consumption, optimize efficiency, and facilitate informed decision-making in fuel management. With our fuel monitoring systems, ship operators can effectively monitor fuel levels, identify deviations, and implement strategies to reduce fuel consumption, leading to cost savings and improved environmental sustainability.

Fire & Gas

Voyage Group is a leading provider of turnkey projects for fire and gas detection systems in the oil and gas and marine industries. We offer end-to-end solutions for designing, installing, and commissioning advanced fire and gas detection systems. With our commitment to safety, adherence to industry standards, and integration of cutting-edge technologies, Voyage Group delivers reliable and efficient fire and gas detection solutions that protect personnel, assets, and the environment in these demanding sectors.